Skoda 1203

Scale 1:87
Type: Static/Miniature

The Škoda 1203, Škoda 1203 M, TAZ-Š 1203 and TAZ 1500 were the only Czech/Czechoslovak van cars ever produced. They were manufactured from 1968 to 1981 in Vrchlabí by AZV Škoda (typ 997). Five years later, production of the modernized type began (typ 776) and part of the production was moved to Trnava (TAZ). In 1981, the entire production was moved to the Slovakian city (Škoda TAZ). In 1985, another modernization came (TAZ 1500) and the 1,433 cm³ engine appeared. The vehicle was also manufactured in small-scale production in 1994–2010 by Ocelot Auto in Žacléř. Around 70,000 cars were produced.