Praga V3S - Hasici / Fire Brigade

Praga V3S (military three-ton special, colloquially Větřeska or Vejtra, or Větřeska, Větráska) is a three-axle off-road truck with all-wheel drive (axle symbol 6×6). The vehicle was created according to the specifications and requirements of the Czechoslovak Army for a standard medium off-road truck. It is characterized by a ladder frame, rigid portal axles and an air-cooled engine of Tatra design. The Praga V3S is the longest-produced Czechoslovak truck and one of the most numerous. The first prototype was made in 1952, in 1953 serial production began, which lasted with breaks until 1990. Final production was first carried out at the Praga company in Vysočany, then moved to Letňanská Avia, then to the repair plant in Vinoř and towards the end of production to Bratislava automobile races. During the 1980s, modernized versions of the M1 and M2 entered production. Total production is estimated at around 130,000 cars. The Praga V3S formed the basis of the vehicle fleet of the post-war Czechoslovak and then the Czech and Slovak armies, where it served in dozens of modifications and was replaced by the Tatra 810 only in the first decade of the 21st century. A large number of Praga V3S vehicles served and are still serving in the civilian sphere. The civilian version Praga S5T was derived from the V3S type, differing primarily in its two-axle chassis with a single driven axle. Praga V3S cars were also exported, especially to the so-called socialist countries.

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